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Media and male survivors

When ever I see or hear a report about child sexual abuse, it seems to always be focused on female survivors. This doesn’t encourage men to come forward.

In the United States, three years ago 200 brave men went on television to share their stories. Why doesn’t this happen here in the UK.

Maybe it’s time for something similar to happen here. Maybe one of the big networks could step up and have the courage to ask for male survivors to come forward and share their stories. If only one man stands up and shares their story maybe more male survivors would come forward.

Come forward and start their healing process. If we take the stigma out of abuse maybe in time we can eradicate this from our society.

Just a thought.


2 responses to “Media and male survivors

  1. jaybe9

    Tom Perry has done a lot and has been on TV. Also Nick Clegg has spoken out in defence of his fellow pupil at Caldicott .

  2. I agree. I saw that show, it was oprah who did it I believe? Was it? I think your right, there’s too much stigma, too much non believers, that think men arent or dont get abused too. I hope someone sees this and comes forward, to do the show!

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