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Another step in the right direction

Tonight I laid a ghost to rest. Something I’ve lived with for more than a year. Stepping on stage tonight I felt a great weight lifting off me.

Not just the ghost of last year but a slap in his face. He who tried to destroy me. Every word is a step closer to being healed. I’m now standing tall and living once again.

I realise though that if it never happened I probably would never had joined this group. There is one person who would have enjoyed this play. My nan. She loved play reading and drama. Maybe that’s where I get it from. L
The relief of getting through tonight’s performance is overwhelming. The feeling of true accomplishment is a really great feeling.


One response to “Another step in the right direction

  1. Glad you got through it and felt accomplishment afterwords, I hope more good things start happening for you in your life, sorry your nan wasnt here to see you do this. I know how it is to miss a nan, I miss ours everyday. XXX

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