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Companions for a journey

I’ve been thinking about the people in my life who have been at my side. Whether it’s in the real world or virtual world. It doesn’t matter where they are they have been at my side.

Sometimes, I have not been the best companion. Grouchy and sometimes downright nasty. But they were there for me. They sat with me, they listened to me. Most of all they believed in me an loved me.

The first time I looked in to my friends eyes all I saw was love. I felt so honoured to look in to his eyes. I realise that in my pain I rejected so many people, who wanted to help.

As time has gone on I’ve been honoured to meet so many wonderful survivors. Survivors who have been through far worse than me. Their courage has given me heart for my own journey. The strength from these friends has brought me through some of my darkest hours.

I hope now I’m a companion for others starting out in their journey or just me walking at their side for a short while.

Thank you to all the people who shared my journey so far.


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