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Opening up

The hardest thing for any male survivor is to open up. The day I opened up. Was the hardest day of my life.

I remember sitting in counselling and just weeping. The tears just didn’t stop. My counsellor got me a cup of tea and just listened to me. When I returned home I just opened up to a friend. I remember sitting on the sofa and I just said “I was sexually abused as a child”. She just held my hand and said nothing.

Over the following weeks I descended in to a pit. A good friend came and prayed with me. His words when I shared what had happened, ” I am so proud and privileged to here this”.

So, I encourage any man or teenage boy who is reading this to open up and share your story. Because, I’m so proud of anyone who opens their heart to another. It would be a privilege to hear your story.


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