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School days

The effect the abuse had on my schooling was profound. It took away my self belief and robbed me of my dreams.
I used to just look out of the windows wishing my life away. I spent four years living in a dream world. A world that I wished I was invisible. The teachers never once asked what was wrong, they never noticed that I was struggling.

In the 1980’s no questions were asked. I felt I was just left to rot. The worse thing was I isolated myself from family and friends. I left this world of pain and shame to live in a fantasy. A fantasy where I was safe. Where no one could hurt me.

Over my final school years, I drifted deeper in to an abyss of my own making. I tried to find any excuse not to go to school. I regret so much of this now. Do I blame the school. No, they weren’t to know that I was in such a bad place.

I believe the biggest impact was that I retreated in to my own world of which it took me 25 years to find my way out.


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