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Trusting others

Trust. A small word with a huge meaning. For almost 30 years I’ve struggled with trust. But last night, I realised I was safe with friends. I let my barriers down for a few moments. I am so glad I did because it gave me a chance to experience something wonderful. The moment when I feel comfortable with others.

This is another step on my journey of healing. A new chapter of hope. I never ever thought I’d feel safe again. When I started this journey 3 years ago I would never have foreseen a time when I felt like a real person again. I thought I would never trust again. I now see a more positive future for myself.

In three years I’ve come on in leaps and bounds.


One response to “Trusting others

  1. Hello,

    I would just like to commend you on coming out about your abuse. It takes real courage to do so, especially as a male survivor.

    I too am a survivor and activist (so are you. You voice has power!). Please check out my blog and website about what my organization is trying to do in the realm of sexual assault and men.

    Stay strong,

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