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Turning stress into a positives

I’ve had a really stressful day but by writing the stress just falls away. It’s like being able release tension and put everything into perspective.

It’s strange that I can now put down what is going on in my head. When all the abuse stuff came up three years ago I couldn’t write a single sentence before breaking down in tears and having to stop.

I kind of see my healing as a path. Some of this path is clear, wide and open. And other parts are dark and twisty, I feel the dark and twisty time are the times of most healing. I think it’s due to the fact I have to be more careful on these parts of my journey.

I’m learning to appreciate the beauty of a sunset or a rain storm. This afternoon I looked out of the window at work and saw the most wondrous sight of a perfect sunset. Red lined clouds and a crimson hue.


One response to “Turning stress into a positives

  1. there is nothing more healing than watching a beautiful sunset,
    it heals your soul and calms the mind,
    for me it has that effect.
    it is moments like that, that will guide us through the dark and twisty parts.
    thank you chantelle 🙂

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