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Struggling for my sexual identity

Being a survivor has brought up one mega issue. What is my sexual identity? It feels like it’s been switched off. I am attracted to women but I’m just not sure of the feelings.

Has being abused affected this. I think so. I keep thinking why?

Over the last few days this has been praying on my mind. It’s so confusing because I just want to have normal feelings.


2 responses to “Struggling for my sexual identity

  1. I’ve just read this and it got me thinking – if I ran over a rooted plant with the wheels of my moped – and that plant survived – it would still be the same plant …..just because a few stems might be missing and it’s damaged, any new shoots that grew would be ok………… would still grow into the same plant and grow the same flowers – it would just be a bit tougher in places

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