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Bravery of survivors

As I write this post, I’m struck by the bravery of survivors of abuse. Some survivors go through life never realising the effect of what happened to them. In my case it took me twenty five years to realise the effect on me.

Survivors of abuse face some major challenges whether it’s just doing simple day to day things or some major issues. But one thing I see in all survivors is bravery. Whether it’s just disclosing to someone or being able to see justice happen.

Every survivor I’ve met have one characteristic, they are strong and caring. They have a special outlook on life. It seems that we value everyday as though it is the first day of our lives. We face our problems together, we support one another and we never judge.

It astounds me to think that with everything we’ve all been through, we show such strengths and love. To be a survivor in some ways is a positive experience as I’d never think about being friends with the bravest people I know.


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