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Taking the hard road

I’ve been struck but the thought that sometimes the easy path, is the path to nowhere. By taking the easy path, I thought I’d be able to ride out the effects of the abuse. I took the easy route because I never wanted to face what happened to me.

It took me 25 years to realise that by taking the easy path, I had made the whole process much harder. I had tried to patch up with just a plaster. I had thought that if I pushed it all down, it would just go away.

In 2010, I realised that just making do, wasn’t the right way to go. The hardest thing was admitting to myself that it happened. Over the last three years I’ve had to make the hard decisions about the next steps. Each time the choices are harder as I know that it could be so easy just to give up.

The benefits of taking the hard path are being able to move forward with my healing and to start live my life again.


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