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Struggles of a male survivor

The Struggles of a male survivor in 21st century Britain. I’m currently struggling with showing my emotions. Laughter is an easy one but crying is so hard as when I try my mind just wants to not.

There seems to be a block of some kind, as when I start I can’t release all I need to. I think there is still a stigma about men talking about their experiences of abuse. Even though there have been some high profile survivors that have come forward. It seems that it’s a conversation society doesn’t want to have. It should be made easier for men to come forward and get the help they need and deserve.

From my own experience I’ve found that few people want to discuss this. Well I do, because silence kills. It perpetuates the abuse and makes it worse for the man concerned.


One response to “Struggles of a male survivor

  1. Totally agree with you on this one – its like a rotten apple – it has to come out ………that’s why personally I do lots of writing ………….my step father would not let me out the house as normal teenagers would go out – although he used to say ‘the door’s to keep me out not in’ ………so I spent a lot of time by myself ……..I never invited friends back home because, after all, who would invite friends back to a house where a pedophile lived………and today I write …..anyone who knows me and I like and who is not in the position of jepodising my career – ie – a work collegue……….knows that I suffered at the hands of a paedophile when I was growing up ………..even when I reported it to the police when I was 27 …… was all written down ……………shit’s better out than in

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