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Care rationing in the UK.

For almost twenty five years I have paid in to a healthcare system. This system should provide care for all.

I was offered just 12 therapy sessions. And when I started I had to sign a contract agreeing that if for any reason I can’t make one then I lose it. This is not fair as I need better care than this. Not only me but others who are suffering with mental health issues.

The government and other political parties talk a lot about helping us but there is no action. Why? Because, it’s not a vote winner like other health conditions. And in country where 25% of the population will suffer form some form of mental illness.

Maybe, the leaders of the three main political parties are the ones with real mental health problems like they are all idiots. And don’t live in the real world. It’s about time they came out of their ivory towers and helped real people who put them in power.


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