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Walls crashing

The Walls I build
To protect myself
The walls that
You helped build

The walls that close
Me in from the world
The walls so high
That I can’t see over

The walls of shame
That shroud my life
The walls of a prison
Your prison

The walls I chip away at
Trying to breach
The walls you helped to build
That I am trying to smash

The walls that were there
Now falling and crumbling
The walls that held me back
Are falling, falling down


One response to “Walls crashing

  1. Hi – yes I found my freedom the day I used my experience of him to enlighten the Police that he was a paedophile . It was 16/17 years after it had happened – but he was taking in kids as a foster parent (with my mum) – It wasn’t until then that I picked up and rebuilt my life – older, wiser and with a few grey hairs – to say the least !

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