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Justice for all?

Again I find myself writing about the British justice system. It beggars belief that yesterday a judge, a defence lawyer and a prosecutor have branded a 13 year old survivor a “sexual predator”.

I was 13 when I was abused was I a sexual predator. The short answer is NO. This girl was no predator, she was the predators victim. When will the judiciary in Britain learn that victims of abuse are not to blame.

It is the perpetrator who is to blame, the “person” who committed this vile crime on a child three years below the age of consent.

I challenge the judge and these lawyers to live the life of a survivor for just one day. Live with the emotions and the pain and trauma.

You would think after Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall that they would see that survivor have a life sentence.

The crown prosecution service need to look at this with some urgency. They need to take positive action in dealing with the prosecutor and judge.

This just underlines that British justice is broken.


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