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Fight for what we deserve

Tonight I’m going to write about something that all survivors have to deal with. The healthcare system or lack there of. The thing that makes me angry is that abusers are offered treatment in prison to deal with there perversions and survivors have to fight to get 12 therapy sessions on the NHS.

Surely, the survivors of abuse should get the same opportunity for treatment for our mental health problems. Sadly, this is not the case. From my own perspective I had to fight just to get the sessions I’ve had, for which I’m very greatful. I have improved in my mental health because I have persevered and taken positives from each session.

I look and see that others aren’t as lucky as me. I have a good job, flat and good friends. There are some survivors not so lucky. This maddens me as we deserve to get the care and help as any one.

Maybe, with all these claims in the media, the should government looked again at funding for charities and support groups.

There are some wonderful charities that are operating on a shoestring budget. So rather wasting money on helping the rich, the government can look to support survivors in positive way by looking at what help is really needed to help survivors of abuse.

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