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Amazing Grace

As this week has gone on I’m realising the graces that have been given to me. When I look back to the first moment I felt that something was not right. In February 2010 while at a seminar in Chertsey. When the leader said during a prayer session will the man who is holding on to a deep pain, release it. I didn’t but inside something changed.

It was as though that I was being prepared for greater things to come. Both good and painful. I went in to that seminar as a sceptic. But this was the true start of the healing that was come. I have come to see that I was given the grace to deal with this abuse.

I also found that I have talents like cooking and poetry. The most powerful grace I was given was my voice. A voice that has shattered the silence of abuse.

I hope that sharing this other survivors will find there voices. Because we are stronger together!


One response to “Amazing Grace

  1. powerful Ed – I think finding your voice in it all is perhaps one of the most powerful things that we can achieve, from my perspective anyway. Stronger together 🙂

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