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A fortnight from hell

The last 14 days have been a living hell. Or should I say I was living in hell. My mind has been in a dark place. A place where all I could see was pain. It was like all the happiness had gone out of my life.

I tried to run and hide from the world. I thought if I ran I could leave my pain behind. The only problem was it is attached like a bungee cord. Instead of dealing with these feeling I let them overwhelm me.

I came so close to giving up. I wanted to put the clock back and forget the last three years. Three years since I started find out who I was. Three years of challenge and progress.

During this time I’ve had to face a part of what happened I could never face. That part was my teenage self. A part of me I couldn’t face as he was hurting so much. Now he’s still sad but he knows that I’ll be with him on this journey.

In the cold light of day, today I see that it was a watershed moment.


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