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Would I be in awe of this?

Would I be in awe of the writer of this blog if I didn’t write it?

This sounds a bit arrogant of me but when I disclosed there weren’t many male survivor blogs. I had nothing to inspire me. Two nights ago I read some of my old posts. Looking a the journey I’ve been on. The good, the bad and the down right ugly. Yes my posts haven’t always been positive.

If I were to start my journey now I think this blog would inspire me.

I hope that inspires others on their journey what ever stage there at.


2 responses to “Would I be in awe of this?

  1. I find your posts thought provoking -the other day I wrote a reply – thought ‘that’s good’ – copied it to my personal writings and went down a whole river of enlightenment – an hour later I finished typing then totally enlightend I deleted reply – I’d say it was ‘mad’ but it wasn’t it was totally the opposite ……………..

  2. For the short amount of time I have been an observer, I will declare I have been both shocked and inspired, if that’s means anything.

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