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The people who saved me

Reflecting tonight on when this journey started. Even though the memories came back in 2010. I believe that this journey started in 2004/5.

At around the time I started my vocational journey. It started at a bowling alley. One Friday evening when I was persuaded to go bowling with a young adult group at my church. I hadn’t been near a church in years. Stopped believing in god. It’s strange that a glass of good wine and company can do.

In 2005 my life reached a crossroads. Unhappy at work not knowing where to turn. I spent three hours talking to my brother and decided to start on the road to priesthood. Even in this act I felt something different in my life.

One of these people was the vocations director who I met at the bowling alley those months earlier. His reaction to my email was that he’d been expecting it sooner. Fast forward nine months and I’d not made any progress then during a retreat I was able to calm my mind enough to know that I had a purpose in life.

During this retreat I met two nuns who have shown the utmost compassion and caring. They have been there for me in person and in prayer. With good advice and love. And sometimes a kick up the backside when needed.

I remember sharing with the founder of the community soon after disclosing. She spent two and a half hours listening to me and believing. Even my parish priest showed me compassion and caring.

Then came the one person who touched my heart and soul. The first survivor I ever met. I man who has seen me at my best and talked me out of a destructive spiral. He has been a rock and my sounding board. He opened my eyes and my heart.

Now as I move forward there are new people walking with me on this journey.

There is now a little piece of all the people that I’ve journeyed with in my heart. And I hope there’s a little piece of me in theirs?


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