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Favourite things

I thought I’d take a lighter look at my life.

This blog has been my life for the last two an a half years and I’ve not really said that much about me.

Well it’s about time.

Firstly I love football (soccer to my American readers), I used to play for a Sunday league team. Also I love to cook and I love beer.

Some of the things I like: I love dr who and most sci fi tv shows. I was once interviewed for a new channel in the uk while queuing up to meet George Takei.

The music I love is stuff like Toto, Eric Clapton, Queen and Phil Colins.

I worked as a postman for 13 years, then 7 years working inside the sorting office. I left that job 4 years ago to become a priest. That didn’t happen.

I have a dry sense of humour.

Some of readers know which Disney character is.


My bouncy friend tigger. 🙂

Ten positive things about me

1, sense of humour

2, loving

3, caring

4, intelligent

5, survivor






No 6-10 TBA.


One response to “Favourite things

  1. Ha Ha ……………………….lecture ………………tell people that it is possible to come out on top …………J Griffin

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