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The summer of ’85

The summer of 1985. The time the abuse happened. It was August, almost the end of the summer holiday’s. My third year at secondary school.

That fateful day my family had gone out and I put a video on. Then the family builder/decorator called round for a cup of tea.

That wasn’t all he was after. He got what he wanted. Me. After he did what he did he said don’t tell anyone because it was normal and no one would believe me. So, I kept silent. Over the years after these events he kept me close and always reminding me to keep quiet. The effect it had on me was to destroy my confidence and innocence. Over the years he found any reason to cone round. To do some work here and there. He was alway charming around my parents. Even now I can I can hear his voice. Sends a shiver down my spine.

I did keep quiet because I was in fear of him. It took me 25 years to break my silence and share this.


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  1. Bless you and your strength.

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