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Speaking out against sexual abuse

Since I started this blog I have seen brave people who were abused firstly by Jimmy Savile and then Stuart Hall come forward to speak out about abuse. I salute these brave people.

Me speaking out has brought me my own issues but I can no longer keep quiet as my abuser would have wanted. He wanted me to stay silent so he could keep his lies and deceptions alive.

The abuser relies on silence to effect their control on the victim. Being abused distorts trust and perceptions. They train you to hide yourself away.

By breaking my silence I am freeing myself from his web of deceit. Saving the boy who was lost. And showing the world that as a survivor I can Learn to trust again.

It’s a chance for that teenage boy to live his life to the full.

Please speak out against abuse of all kinds. Give someone else to the chance I have to live life to the full.


2 responses to “Speaking out against sexual abuse

  1. Thank you for finding the courage and key to your cage. May you live to the fullest possible.

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