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Reading non verbal communication

One thing I really struggle with is understanding non verbal communication. It seems that I’ve been reading the wrong signs. Not knowing how to react to people, can lead to misunderstanding and tension.

Reading between the lines is another difficult one. Take a simple thing like a haircut. I’ve had my hair cut for a play which is a good reason. But everyone loves it and the subtext is that everyone thought I should’ve had it done ages ago. But I couldn’t read this as my perceptions are different because of the abuse.

I had a lower opinion of myself so, in my reasoning that’s ok. It’s not ok and now the important thing is self care and having a positive opinion of my self.

I still find it hard to read others motives but its something I’m learning to do.

It is possible to love myself as I am truly worth it.

It is so important for survivors to care for themselves as you are worth it.


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