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How writing helps

How writing helps me deal with my past.

When I write it’s like verbalising my thoughts. As I live alone I feel that it’s a positive outlet. As talking to myself would drive me insane.

It feels like I’m having a conversation with my readers. A chance to bring my feelings in to the open. I find it therapeutic as I suppose that the pain and angst is coming out in a positive place, rather than blurting it out randomly.

This form of therapy has helped me to share one of the most painful moments in my life in to the open.

I feel that by sharing these thoughts and poems are a positive thing and I hope others feel the same.


2 responses to “How writing helps

  1. Diane Simons ⋅

    I definitely feel your blogs are helpful. Anyone wanting to shut you down is probably not thinking of your needs.

  2. tina5458 ⋅

    Yes writing helps me more than any thing every has.

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