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When they opened Pandora’s box and all the evil came out there was one thing left HOPE. Hope of a better life. Hope for justice.

We all have our hopes. Each one is different.

Hope gave me a reason to wake up in the morning, mainly hope that my life wouldn’t be so painful. Even if it was as painful, there was still hope. There was a time three years ago living in Coventry where for a while I lost hope. Living in a big house alone doing not very much was painful.

Constantly triggered I began to loose hope. The my dad sent me the lyrics of a Beatles song ” let it be” , this gave me hope again.

And when I thought I’d lost all hope sitting crying after being triggered to the point that I had to admit I tried to kill myself. And again five months later when I was told, I was not wanted.

Hope kept me going through the hard times, hope that I would feel better. I remember the day I had interview for my present job. I hoped I would not mess it up.

Hope for me now is to be able in time to help other survivor see. That when you see there’s no hope it’s just sitting waiting for you find it.

So, hope in my opinion is the strongest healer. Just look.

Sending hope to all.


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