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What a week

As I write this post I’m realising what a week I’ve had. It’s been a week of firsts. Last Friday I was feeling nervous about going to the survivors picnic.

I really thought that I couldn’t cope with the people and the whole situation. The picnic on Saturday was just fabulous, I met some wonderful, awe inspiring and special people.

It felt like I’d known all of them for ever. Their courage and outlook was just fantastic. It really lifted me, I felt alive.

The roller coaster hit a low on Thursday as I started therapy. A really big step for me, I feel that I’m now starting to honour the teenage Ed, someone who is still hurting as an adult. I feel that this is the first step to true healing. To a place where I can say ” yes I was abused but now I’m ok” not fine.

I’m realising that my future lies in being able to help survivors come to terms with them selves as people.


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