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Victory (of sorts)

Today I arranged for an assessment with a therapist. I was originally assessed last October. Eight months to get to this stage.

I have had to fight against a system that doesn’t help the people who need it the most. I ask the question why?

The answer lies at the door of the government, a government that ignores those who need help the most. I’m not I’m one of those but I’ve had to fight a broken system.

We need to see a change in how mental health is seen in this country.

I work full time, I contribute to society through taxes and national insurance. I’m one of the lucky ones. But it could have been so different. I was suicidal and started to plan to kill myself. My job gave me a reason to live.

It feels like a hollow victory as it has taken its toll on my health.


One response to “Victory (of sorts)

  1. Hope

    Wow, and “national insurance” is what people across the pond voted for. I often complain about my private insurance, but the day I decided I wanted a therapist, I was able to get in. I wish you well on this journey and send positive thoughts your way.

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