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Impacts of abuse

Impacts of Abuse








Eating Disorders


Repressing feelings

Poor self image and body image

Unable to trust

Feelings of inadequacy and belonging


Unable to relax



Withdrawing from society

Relationship problems

Physical symptoms

Feelings of anger/frustration

Mental health difficulties



Panic and panic attacks


Keeping busy

Impending doom

Anger towards self

Lack of confidence

Lack of motivation

Lack of trust in others

Lack of self esteem

Sense of injustice

Resentment at having to keep it in to protect others

Family Issues/reactions

Sense of responsibility

Always on guard and cautious

Self loathing

Self doubt

Guilt – brought It on self?


Pushing people away even if they’re good

No sense of belonging/fitting in

Not being able to share the truth with others

Outside looking in

Fear if we tell others they will think we must be like our abusers

Coping Strategies

Told people I’m adopted

Drug abuse

Drink at pub when family not in

Started smoking to feel adult

Avoiding physical contact with adults

Staying in my room, eating watching tv in my room

Walking friend’s dog to get out or cycling

Rebelled against rules

Self harming

Ate chocolates and sweets

Dissociated – forget stuff

Controlling eating

Trying to meet needs of abuser (implicit bargaining)

Cutting off from family abusers


Keeping silent in case of negative consequences (family/work/money)


Increasing self destruction



Putting on a front

Not showing weakness

Maintaining control – not showing Im a victim

Escaping into fantasy families

Reading books

Locking self away

Denial of reality

Keeping busy – followed by isolation

Getting involved to highlight abuse

Rescuing others and neglecting self


Bunking off school to be alone

Getting out of the house

Going into the countryside alone to find peace without feeling threatened


Being well-behaved a school to escape notice

Out of body experiences – lose time

Forgetting games kit to escape games sessions

Running away from self internally and externally

Use of food – deprivation or over indulgence

Avoiding situations which are too painful/cause flashbacks

Ritualistic behaviours to quell feelings of anxiety/loss of control

Dependene – do not trust own feelings/judgement/self

Co-dependence – repetition of past behaviours/situations

Staying in destructive relationships – more familiar

Destraction eg rescuing others

Seeking to be taken advantage of- familiar situation

Anxiety – helps to regulate/repress feeling.


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