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How do we fix the broken mental health system

The reason I ask this question is once again the mental health system has let me down. My referral to my local mental health team was cancelled last November. I wasn’t informed even though when I called last night they said they had sent letters and called.

So here I am stuck in limbo once again. Last night I was livid now I just feel let down by a broken system.

One solution would be individual budgets so we can shop around for what is best for each of us. The systematic destruction of our wonderful NHS by this government is putting lives at risk. The lives of the most vulnerable in our society.

This government has put out for tender the care of all struggling with mental illness.

Is this right in the 21st century? No we deserve better.

Now I have to self refer to the local mental health team. And go through the stress of having to share with yet another stranger and then a four month wait.

I want to be able to deal with this depression in a positive way. But if they want a fight they’ve got one.

KCA mental health you let me down. But you won’t get me down.


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