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How much more must survivors endure?

Today an actor said that abuse survivors must have done something wrong in another life. This is an insult to all survivors. With the Savile business still lurking in the press.

It’s so wrong that when I pick up a paper or switch the news on its another triggering report. Why can’t we see more positive coverage.

Coverage about charities that help survivors piece our lives back together, after having our childhood robbed by evil people.

As survivors we must use our voices to challenge the perception of survivors. We need to rise up and fight the negative press reports. To challenge those who don’t believe and to show compassion and love to all survivors.

In my opinion survivors are the strongest people alive. Most of us living normal lives with the long term effects of abuse.

We endure so much but give so much more in love and compassion.

This is dedicated to every survivor even those who have not started on this journey yet.


2 responses to “How much more must survivors endure?

  1. I agree with you ed (ps started has a ‘r’ in it ) what makes this comment so unbelievable is that it has come from such a high profile actor – what a thing to say – I hope he ends up penniless – wow I’ve just realised what you wrote is dedicated to me – oww shucks – thank -you – Jodi

  2. Well said Ed – the effects on the survivor forums has been horrendous, with people being deeply wounded by his words. No ‘apology’ will undo that damage, as that damage has already been done, confirming the words of other ignorant people in our lives that it was all our own fault. But we are strong. We have had to be strong to still be here. And we ARE survivors. It’s time for us to stop hiding away as if the shame belongs to us, and speak out about our journey, so that people can understand even a fraction of what we go through just to get through a day.

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