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Family support

Of all the people in my support network the one person who has supported me the most is my mum. It has been hard for her, she has spent hours blaming herself for what happened to me. This is not true. She never new, my abuser was very clever. He constantly nodded and winked to keep me quiet.

My wonderful mum has been to hell and back. She has been at my side while I have walked on this path. She has been a shoulder to cry on, an encourager and a super mum.

All of my family have been so supportive, taking crap from me. I am so greatful for having my family and especially my mum

Thank you mum.


3 responses to “Family support

  1. Ahhhh – Really nice words – we here so much pain and suffering that when your eye catches something like this it grabs your heart – Blessed Be

  2. My Name ⋅

    It’s nice you can see your giving your Mom crap. It’s nice for people to know when you’re enduring something for their benefit.

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