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From victim to thriver

My journey has not been easy. It a times has tested me to the very limits of life. The first time this came up in my life was in 1996. I was away on an outward bound course with the Princes trust volunteer course. I had got very drunk and I realised that I had a big issue in my life. I almost came out then.

It didn’t and my life descended one long pub session. I was constantly drunk. I struggled to deal with the issue. I managed to get myself out of this place not knowing that the underlying issue was just under the surface.

Over the years before disclosing I hid away from life. I threw myself in to work and tried to block out the memories. I had many counselling sessions in which I did not disclose.

In 2008 I was on a retreat where in a one on one conversation with the priest who was leading it. I almost disclosed. I wasn’t ready then.

In 2010 the revelation of the abuse was the catalyst for me to start this journey.

I now see myself as a survivor/thriver.


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