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The weekend my journey started

Two years ago I was invited to a men’s prayer weekend. Little did I know that I would end up sharing my biggest secret.

On the Saturday morning I had to to the hardest thing. That was to look a man in the eye for 60 seconds. It took me three attempts finally one of my support network stood in front of me and gently held my gaze for the 60 seconds. I felt so bad after this because I hadn’t done this for 25 years as I couldn’t look anyone in the eye.

After this I opened up my heart and cried for a while in front of all these men. Later on in a small group I disclosed the fact I am a survivor of sexual abuse.

There was silence for a moment.

This weekend was a watershed for me as I realised I was no longer a victim but a survivor. In a month there is another men’s weekend I’m thinking of going as I need to share more of my journey.

I am on a journey to a better place. Whether its sunny or snowing. Raining or windy. I plod on to being a thriver.


One response to “The weekend my journey started

  1. You are not alone my brother. I am a survivor as well and I know many many more. Have strength and courage and continue to share. There is much power and healing the more you share. Both to yourself and to others.

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