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Speaking out

Over the last few weeks I have found that I am becoming more vocal. I think I’m now beginning to see that I can make a real difference.

Two years ago I had a idea to start a survivor group. In April 2011 I set up a Facebook group for all survivors of abuse. This group is still there and going strong. As I get stronger and move forward I’m finding being more direct with posts on my Facebook I’m moving in the right direction.

Being able to share this part of my life is important as it validates my story.

The one thing that annoys me is that some people seem to be finding it hard to see the positives in what I am doing.

I am not a victim, I am a survivor aiming to be a thriver.


2 responses to “Speaking out

  1. What you are experiencing is something that many of your fellow survivors go through, including myself. Instead of what we would expect to find, encouragement, hope, support…instead we find contempt and confusion…don’t let it stand on the way of your healing. Keep up your good worl and know that the people that matter and the ones that need to hear what you have to share will find and appreciate it. You are not alone and we stand with you. David

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