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The day I hit rock bottom

This post will trigger

January 2011 in Brentwood, essex.

I was sitting having a conversation with a friend. A friend who was worried about me. This friend started to probe and push my buttons. This went on for 10 minutes. I then started to get angry and I shared with him the fact I had thought about committing suicide.

Not my proudest moment. He then got one of the community leaders as he was so worried about what he had heard from me.

The next working day I was taken to the local doctors so he could help. He gave me some sleeping pills as I hadn’t had a good nights sleep in months. Then I had another appointment with my own Gp. He was so worried that he sent me straight to the hospital, where they assessed me for 6 hours.

I was prescribed anti depressants. That’s another story.

This for me was rock bottom and then I realised that the only way was up after being so low.


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