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Effects of abuse part 1

As time moves on. I am realising the true effects of abuse.

The effects run so deep. I am remembering how a happy 13 year old boy grew up over night. The fact my education was severely affected as I lost interested. For most 13 year olds are making the choices that would shape their futures. Not me, my ambitions were stolen. As I withdrew into myself it became clear that nobody cared.

When I left school (not by choice), I had no qualifications and a dead end job. It took me 15 years to get promoted. I did make three false at trying for a degree but failed on each occasion. I don’t see myself as a failure in this because it wasn’t my fault.

One of the other effects has been the fact I still however find it hard to have any ambitions. I look at others who do so well and think that could be me if I hadn’t been abused.


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