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What happened to me

The time has come to reveal the pain and anguish I’ve been living with for 27 years.

In August 1985 I was violated by an evil person. I was sexually abused by a friend of my family. The after affects of what happened have blighted my teenage years.

This individual in five short minuets changed a happy teenage boy into a person who became a quiet lonely figure. Someone who had the world at his feet, had that all taken from me. My school life became just looking out the window, staring into space. Bunking of games because of the shame of being seen by other boys.

My life became a dark and bad place, a place where I lived in my own world. I left school with no GCSE’s. Ok I got a job and stuck with it. My self esteem was destroyed by this evil act. Even in my twenties I was constantly reminded by this person, with a nod and wink. Even then I felt he was still abusing me. One time at work the abuser cornered me in a toilet and tried to do it again.

This is so wrong the abuser has gotten away with this crime.

Just like Jimmy Savile my abuser is dead so I will never get justice. I now need to try and get on with my life and hopefully try and get over this. It is going to take a while.


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