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I’m not going to apologise for this post

For 27 years I have had to live in the shadow of abuse. These last few weeks have drummed home to me that survivors of abuse, are being abused by the power that be in this country. Have no support from government and the welfare state.

Now someone famous has been identified as a sex offender, parliament is now interested in this subject.

I ask the question why do us survivors have to rely on charities and ourselves to deal with this stuff. It seems like we are second class citizens in the health service. I’ve been told I need therapy ( no shit Sherlock) but I have to wait. If I was a danger I would be helped straight away. But no I have a job and a hobby which would make me a low risk. I’m trying to thrive but I need help. But I have to wait.

I am a survivor of sexual abuse who wants to recover and thrive.

I am Ed


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