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All I want to do tonight is to run and never stop. I feel trapped in a sad life. A life that was not meant to be. I just want out of this pain. At the moment I wish I could turn the clock back to stop what happened to me by that bastard.

Running is all I now have. I want to just run so far away from my pain. Run to a place where I no longer feel this pain. The pain inflicted by evil.

I constantly ask myself why me, why not someone else.

I should be happy but I feel like I just want to run and run.


2 responses to “Running

  1. … Feel like doing the same :-S You are not alone wanting this to just disapear ❤

    Me too just want to run into nomansland, noone and nothing that reminds me, except one can't run out of the body that it happend to… When I realized this I started to calm down, but I am still running and hoping for nomansland…

    Hugs, and stay strong, you are not alone ❤

  2. Man, how do I know this feeling.

    Never give into it though, find a way to force yourself to relax.

    “Running” is a taught reflex, which basically teaches you to never relax. It tires you out and takes you down slowly.

    My therapist made me try an audo-CD called “Bodyscan” – it’s a form of meditation. If you’re down for it, look it up somewhere. It’s very confronting for people who are dealing with relaxation-issues.

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