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Can any good come from the recent scandal?

The simple answer is yes.

More and more people are coming forward with their own stories. Regardless of Jimmy Savile, more people have started on the long journey to freedom. This scandal has brought the problem to the fore.

As a survivor myself i have been very affected by the reports. I have been knocked sideways by all the coverage. But in grounding myself in the knowledge that the abuse has stopped and I’m on the road to recovery.

These brave and courageous men and women who have come forward will beat this thing. The important thing I believe is that the publics understanding of the sheer scale of the problem is becoming apparent.

Maybe the government will now look into more resources for survivors of abuse and more support for the charities who deal with the aftermath.


One response to “Can any good come from the recent scandal?

  1. alan ⋅

    I would like to think that some good will come out of this , be it amendments to legislation related to charges and sentencing of offenders, who committed crimes prior 2002 , or more funding for the police and charities that deal with the aftermath of this type of crime. I do feel that some sectors of the general public are more aware now as a result of all this coverage so that is a plus point for all survivors. I admire your courage blogging your thoughts as you make the journey heading to recovery. There is a lot of hard work and dips and troughs on the healing path , I am walking with you as you make this journey and hope that you will get to a better place , it can be done .

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