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I seem to be in a period of transition. Maybe I need to let go of my past and move on peacefully. Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling really low and depressed.

I seem to be triggered by a building. Not the people but the building. Every time I go to this place I’m triggered by the memories. Most of my memories are not good ones.

I am still grieving for my childhood. If someone dies you burry them and you have some closure. But when you have something so precious taken with no body just that part of your soul, it’s so hard to let it go.

I need to go back on a happy occasion to try and re-kindle the happier memories.

I now have started it live my life with new interests and job.


One response to “Transition

  1. Michelle Lucas ⋅

    Triggers can happen easily…. even a certain scent can trigger it. Yep.

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