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My decision

After some thought last night and today. I have decided to carry on. If I was to stop I would be giving in to my abuser.

It has been a very hard 24 hours. Last night I didn’t want to continue on this journey. I am still in a very dark place but I know I have the strength to see it through.

Everything I’ve been through has shown me that I am stronger.


2 responses to “My decision

  1. I am glad to hear you are carrying on, your darkness inspires as well as your gold!

  2. Martin

    Hello Ed, Glad to hear you are still carrying on. I know things get tough, I’ve been there myself. If you need to talk to a stranger, then please leave a message for me. There are plenty of FB friends to talk to and I’m pretty sure we will all back you through the difficult times. Chin up and keep going and don’t, whatever you do, let them win.

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