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A year since I went public

Just over a year ago I took a big step by publicising my blog. I took the decision to do that because I felt that this subject needs to be brought in to the public eye.

CSA is not a nice subject to discuss but it is endemic in this world.

As a man it has been more difficult to share as “men are meant to be the strong silent ones”. Wrong. We are the same fragile humans who need love and understanding.

I hope by sharing my thoughts and feeling other men and women who are struggling with the same issues that I’ve shared over the last 18 months.

Trying to be open about what I’ve been dealing with has not been easy. I constantly struggle with shame issues and some depression. I’ve tried to keep the blog positive but sometimes it has been impossible. As I look back on the last year in my own life I can see progress in my life and in the way I deal with different situations.

The one constant for me has been one or two really good friends who have been there for me. Even when I’ve treated them badly they have been there for me.

For the most part I’ve had a positive response to my blog. As I move on with my healing I am reminded of the love shown by Jesus to all the outcasts. Tonight I prayed for my abuser by name and asked for the strength to forgive him.

I need to forgive him as Jesus stood up for sinners and children alike. I can’t forgive at the moment but I know I must if I am to forgive myself.

Is I write this post almost 3500 people have read my blog.

A very big thanks to all who have visited and here’s to the next 3500.

Surviving to thriving.


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