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Why I know how lucky I am

As I look back on the last two years, I begin to see a pattern of love and friendship. I have been so lucky with the people I’ve had in my support network.

People who were there when I was in so much pain. People who accepted me with all my problems. People who prayed for me when I was in need.

Even those who didn’t know about the abuse were there for me. People who gave me hope and love.

I must thank certain people who showed compassion and understanding. These people may not totally understand me and what I went through. But they were there for a frightened person not knowing whether or not he wanted to live.

These last two years I’ve grown and evolved in to a man who’s past no longer rules the future. And my future is not written. It is the undiscovered country. A place I visit everyday looking forward not back.

My new motto

Every morning I look in the mirror and say to myself you’re a thriver in training. 🙂


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