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Climbing out of the Abyss

Here I stand at the bottom of an abyss, looking up. Looking up and wondering how I’m going to climb out of this. Standing alone looking toward the light of freedom. Starting to climb, slipping and sliding. The walls are slimy and slippery, I struggle to keep my footing. I am falling and falling.

Then a like a hand that catches a ball, I feel the loving embrace of a friend. I look around and I see nothing but I still feel the loving embrace. Who can this be. I don’t know. I hear a whisper in my ear. The words say ” you are my beloved son, why do you turn away in shame. I love you for who you are. Do not turn away from me”

I stop and look again, I see a man who has holes in his hand and pieced through the heart. He says you have the same wounds as me. You can rise from this abyss and shine in the love and light of my father.

Then I see a ladder, a strong ladder. I start to clime but fear overtakes me and again I fall. Again there is a hand to catch me. The voice says ” I’ll be here if you fall and I’ll help you up again. However many times you fall I’ll be there.”


One response to “Climbing out of the Abyss

  1. Angela Waugh ⋅

    This was a great post to read. I can relate to the abyss and the love felt from Christ. It seems at times that I take one step forward and several back. It’s not about how many times we fall; what’s important is that we get up and try again.

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