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I’d like to write a piece about this wonderful charity.

Before I realised I was abused I had never heard of NAPAC. National Association for People Abused in Childhood.

It’s not just sexual abuse they help with but all forms of childhood abuse. Whether it’s emotional or physical or neglect or sexual or verbal abuse the effects can last a lifetime. I didn’t realise what effect a bad word can have on a child.

NAPAC is run by survivors for survivors. It runs a helpline for adults which helps adults who are dealing with the after effects of what they’ve been through. They also run psyco-educational courses and work in prisons.

I myself have been a recipient of one of those courses. I showed me that I am worth caring about to myself. It gave me practical strategies for coping with panic-attacks. It showed me how strong I am.
It also showed me I’m not alone.

This charity isn’t a fluffy soft charity. They deal with the bad stuff in life left by abuse and are in need of funding to help other survivors start to rebuild their lives.

Please buy a wristband from.

Thank you.

I’m a survivor in recovery. Soon to be a thriver.

If it takes me a lifetime I will thrive.


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