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Sleep and dreams

Over the last few days my sleep patten has stabilised I’m now getting about six hours. This is the first time in 18 months I can say I haven’t extreme sleep. Whether its too much or too little.

I also feel more rested than I have done in years. I am more focused on the important things.

My dreams are quite weird and I can’t understand them. Maybe thats a good thing. I must though recount last nights dream.

” I was driving to work but ended up going in the opposite direction. A car load of fruit and veg. I then went into a police station. I’ll describe the police uniform. Just made me laugh. The uniform was bright blue trousers and indigo shirt with electric blue jacket. But the really funny thing that has stuck in my mind was the hat. The hat was like a bell hops hat with a blue flashing light on top. This was such a funny thing.” I woke up after that. Looking forward to part two.

I’m just so glad that I’m sleeping better.


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