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Standing still

I feel that I’m standing still. At the moment it seem that healing has stopped or felling like I’m in reverse.

After all the progress of the last few months I feel that I’m failing now. I don’t know what the remedy is but I’m feeling as bad as I was a year ago.

I’ve come so far I don’t want to go back there. It’s as though I’m sabotaging my own healing.

Why can’t I stop doing this to my self.


2 responses to “Standing still

  1. Angela Waugh ⋅

    If you can just cool your heels and relax a bit. Sometimes we need to take a break just to process all the changes. It isn’t going in reverse just to stand still for a while. Listen to your thought processes and wait for the message that says you’re ready to push forward again. I think you’re just over loaded right now. Hugs!

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