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Reflection on healing

As I reflect on my journey. I realise it’s not the destination it’s the journey. The destination is always the same. But the journey is varied and full of twists and turns.

Twist one way and you’ll be happy. Turn the other and you’ll see sadness.

I could’ve taken the easy straight path. But that is what I’d been doing for 25 years. It was only when I started down the the dark and twisty path that real healing started the happen.

I once had a image come to me during prayer.

The image was of my 13 year old self and my adult self. My 13 year old self was frightened, alone and lost. My adult self was just standing confused. Then came a light. I looked around for it’s source I could not find it. Then a man said to my adult self. Ed the light is coming from you, go find your 13 year old self and shine that light and guide him to safety. I’m still guiding that 13 year old boy to safety. The journey goes on forever, so healing will continue.

A word I also had was ” be a beacon for others, let your light shine through.”


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