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This is a hard post to write. As I myself struggle to forgive my abuser for what he did. Somedays I can’t bring myself to do it. But I know as part of the healing process I need to let go of this poison. Jesus said to Peter ” you must forgive seven times seventy.”. This is hard and somedays I just say to myself I want to, want to forgive.

Forgiveness for survivors is really hard as we have to endure the pain and shame. I ask a question can I forgive him for what happened. The answer is I don’t know. Maybe in time.

Who knows.


3 responses to “Forgiveness.

  1. Once a made a little paper boat and wrote those names on it of people I needed to forgive. I placed it into the water. It floated a few inches and then turned around and came back to me. I picked it up realizing there was one name I could not yet forgive. I put a line through it. I placed the little boat back into the water. It floated away.
    I knew in that moment I was not ready to forgive that one person. Two years later I did the same thing, the little paper boat floated down the stream very quickly.
    We forgive when we are ready to. Nothing can be forced. Time is a great healer 🙂

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